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Out with the new! In with the OLD!


Here you will see just what my Allis Chalmers BIG TEN garden tractor is all about.


I am the proud owner of a Allis Chalmers “BIG TEN” garden tractor. The one pictured above was just purchased and will have a complete make over.  The mowing deck came with it. However, it wasnt hooked up and I will go back and pick it up in a few days. When the above was purchased, I drove it home!  Checkout the photo page for more pictures of my BIG 10!

In 1965 the B-10 became the “BIG TEN” with a new 10 horsepower engine. In 1966, the “BIG Ten” reverted back to the B-10 when the new B-12 was introduced. Up until 1971 all Allis garden tractors were painted yellow and were powered by Briggs engines.

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